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Artemis International Forest Products, AIFP, is a full-service lumber exporting company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. With associate offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and the Middle East, we serve a wide range of lumber importers and users in various parts of the world.

We specialize in North American softwood: SPF, Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar, Ponderosa Pine, pressure-treated lumber, OSB, and more.  We can provide lumber in various sizes and grades depending on our customers' specific needs. Our customers include furniture makers, construction companies, pallet manufacturers, packaging facilities, interior designers, etc.

We ship our products in containers and via break bulk shipments. With dedicated reloads in various parts of the Lower Mainland, we can provide speedy and efficient shipping services for shipments of all sizes. For customers who require less than full-container-load quantities for one particular item, we can combine different species, grades and sizes according to their specific needs.

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